NASA Cover-UpEdit

Apollo 16 Mission: April 16 - 27, 1972
by Dave Cosnette, 2001
from UFOsAlien Website

Charles Duke, Thomas Mattingly and John Young land in the Descartes highlands:

Duke: These devices are unbelievable. I'm not taking a gnomon up there.
Young: O.K., but man, that's going to be a steep bridge to climb.
Duke: You got - YOWEE! Man - John, I tell you this is some sight here. Tony, the blocks in Buster are covered - the bottom is covered with blocks, five meters across. Besides the blocks seem to be in a preferred orientation, northeast to southwest. They go all the way up the wall on those two sides and on the other side you can only barely see the out-cropping at about 5 percent. Ninety percent of the bottom is covered with blocks that are 50 centimeters and larger.
Capcom: Good show. Sounds like a secondary ...
Duke: Right out here ... the blue one that I described from the lunar module window is colored because it is glass coated, but underneath the glass it is crystalline ... the same texture as the Genesis Rock ... Dead on my mark.
Young: Mark. It's open.
Duke: I can't believe it!
Young: And I put that beauty in dry!
Capcom: Dover. Dover. We'll start EVA-2 immediately.
Duke: You'd better send a couple more guys up here. They'll have to try (garble).
Capcom: Sounds familiar.
Duke: Boy, I tell you, these EMUs and PLSSs are really super- fantastic!

It is obvious that the astronauts are talking in code - meant to disguise what they are referring to. The big question is why the excited cries? Can this be *merely* due to the collecting of Moon rocks, as they would have us believe? Or did they find something much more substantial, which was not meant for public knowledge?[1]


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