Apollo 20 disclosure discusses alleged cover-up lunar missions that encountered and recovered evidence for extraterrestrial biological entities (EBE).

Project HorizonEdit

It is alleged that the USAF, under Project Horizon, resumed the last three Apollo missions that were canceled by NASA: Apollo 18, Apollo 19, and Apollo 20. This program would be the precursor to the US Space Force.

Apollo 20 footageEdit

From May 4, 2007, YouTube user “retiredafb” uploaded a series of alleged Apollo 20 footage, supposedly shot in 16mm analogue that was transfered to digital format for upload. The YouTube user presented himself as a William Rutledge. Italian UFO journalist Luca Scantamburlo sought an immediate interview with retiredafb, allowed under the condition of User written correspondence through YouTube.

A20 authenticityEdit

The Apollo 20 footage (A20) is subject to much scrutiny, and got the attention of Wikipedia as Apollo 20 hoax. The footage was criticized for “video/audio pollution”, whereby prior Apollo mission footage was inserted, or compiled, into the final digital product.

Though disclosure advocate retiredafb lightly criticized the editing team, based out of Rwanda, for possibly making audio/video codec errors, it is more probable that portions of the “lost footage” was not wholly from A20, but actually came from Apollo 15 (See UTO flyby). It’s been verified that Apollo 15 audio and video detection was found in the A20 footage. This would stand to reason that NASA made a classified discovery on the Moon, as early as Apollo 15. It can be hypothesized that the A20 editing team in Rwanda produced an EBE coverup based on whatever limited film resources they had, to reconstruct the Apollo 20 mission.

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References Edit

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