Reconstruction of the Apollo 20 insignia that can be seen in Apollo 20 footage.


Reconstruction of the American-Soviet flag as seen in Apollo 20 footage.


USAF Space Command

The Apollo 20 mission badge, as seen in the Apollo 20 film, depicts a sarcopuhagus being mutually lifted-up by an Apollo Lunar Module and Command Service Module. The sarcopuhagus graphic on the Apollo 20 insignia supports the claim for pre-discovered evidence of extraterrestrial biological entities, on earlier missions. The secret Apollo mission had a clear objective—retreaval.


In 2007, Michael E. Salla made comparisons of the Apollo 20 badge with the Mission badge of NASA’s ASTP.[1] Both missions were considered to be joint US-Soviet operations. However, Apollo 20 would not be a NASA mission; rather, USAF would resume the mission under Project Horizon. Therefore, the mission badges, operations, logistics, command, likely differed to some extent. NASA’s role in Apollo 20, as seen in the footage, would only serve to oversee that prep was completed correctly. It cannot be expected that neither the mission badge, nor the mission flag under USAF bare any resemblance to NASA affiliated programs.

In several dialogue exchanges of the 2007 interview, retiredafb had to reiterate that he was not employed by NASA, but was working for the USAF. It is common for civilian personnel to primarily associate space programs with NASA, as other space related US commands were, and are, not well known[2] (See United States Space Force).

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