Disclosure is the revealing of governmental classified information. It is of interest to ufologists and casual UFO researchers, for the disclosure of any evidence for alleged existence of extraterrestrial biological entities (EBEs).

The Warden of SpaceEdit


Apollo–Soyuz Test Project

The Solar Warden space force may be the biggest hidden secret in human history. The name was revealed after a 2002 hack by Gary McKinnon. Its present-day history might follow the success of the Apollo–Soyuz Test Project. Through ASTP, the US and Russia were able to show a level of commitment and comradery that would prove the Outer Space Treaty (pro. 1967) could work. The implementation of the International Space Station was an added measure for globalization of Nations. Solar Warden may not be the property of the US, but a globalized entity.

As of late North Korean politics, its impact on Russian relations has led to the criticism of the Outer Space Treaty as being unrealistic. It is argued, as to how World leaders can play “gentlemen” in Space, yet are ready to Nuke each other, on the planet Earth, into a “mother of all wars”. The answer may be Solar Warden holding our Solar Sytem together, and not the Space Treaty itself. Solar Warden may be the boogeyman of Space, that is responsible for all UFO related conjecture and phenomenon, either witnessed in Earths skies, or on stills of the Moon. A nationwide adherence to Solar Warden policy, would also explain why all national governments cover up there own UFO related incidents. Essentially, all Nations are answering to, as what the name suggests, a warden in space—the Solar Warden. The question is, is this Warden of our Solar System—extraterrestrial?

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