Earthrise, taken by astronauts on board Apollo 8

Extraterrestrial economics, or alien economics is a thought experiment to determine what resources on Earth would be the most or least valuable to an EBE.


“All currencies on Earth are based on the value of gold... gold is an extraterrestrial metal coming from the death of a star. When a star is dying, its mass is growing, atoms are compressed and when the star explodes, it spreads large amounts of gold in young solar systems. That's why gold is...a perfect, carbon free metal. This means that it is the most common substance in the universe, no more valuable than a piece of plastic.[1]
“That's enough to put down all world currencies. Imagine an EBE says: "coffee has a good taste, rare in this galaxy", the only perspective of trading coffee through universe would displace the economic power to countries of the South in one day. You see, not a problem of panic, but simply a problem of economy.”[1]
retiredafb, June 2007


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