Apollo 20 - Autopsy inside the lunar module "Endymion"

Apollo 20 - Autopsy inside the lunar module "Endymion"

Mona Lisa FULL AUTOPSY inside the lunar module, Apollo 20 Moon Mission raw footage

Mona Lisa FULL AUTOPSY inside the lunar module, Apollo 20 Moon Mission raw footage

Mona Lisa is the name given to an alleged EBE seen on the Apollo 20 footage uploaded to YouTube in 2007. She is said to be in stasis, or a type of hibernation.[1]

Description Edit

The description of Mona Lisa given by retiredafb, in his 2007 interview correspondence with Italian UFO journalist Luca Scantamburlo, was: “Humanoid, female, 1.65 meter. Genitalized, haired, six fingers.”[1]

Recovery siteEdit

Mona Lisa was allegedly recovered from a triangular spacecraft on the far side of the Moon, near the cigar-shaped UTO at lunar coordinates: 17.3° S, 117.62° E.[1]


The practice of ritualistic human sacrifice goes deep in prehistory.[2] It was often conducted to appease a deity, labeled by researches as propitiation. The most common element, evident in many cultures, was to sacrifice the most pure being. In many ancient Semitic cultures, children were considered the most pure of all beings, and thus child sacrifice predominated. In Polynesian cultures, a young female virgin could serve as a choice sacrifice. The common denominator in human sacrifice scenarios is the connection to a supernatural cause.[3] In the propitiatory sacrifice of Jesus, his death under Roman occupation, had the intent to supernaturally cleanse mankind of sin.

Mona Lisa, likely a young female virgin, was a sacrificial offering amongst her people, for an unknown cause. A ufological study of the enormous presence at the Apollo 11 encounter,[4] would leave one to believe that the space fleet at the Sea of Tranquility already knew about Mona Lisa’s position at Izsak crater. Mona Lisa was allowed to be discovered and to be recovered by humans, and if need be, killed under Romanesque human occupation (Her report by retiredafb indicates that she was in stasis, or a type of hibernation, not wholly dead).

The triangular UTO (spacecraft) that Mona Lisa was recovered from, was a backdrop. A ufological study of the description of the ship and its content,[1] could suggest that Mona Lisa may have been an out-of-place object in the ship. Although she is described as having the biological features to operate the ship controls, the remains of her alleged second mate did not share the same features as her. The alleged crew of three-hundred members and the cargo made the perfect setting to be an overwhelming situation for Apollo 20 to discover. They would only be able to acquisition Mona Lisa in the LM, and with little if nothing else. As with most schemes, a return to the lunar site will most likely render a disappearance of the UTO. The situation lends itself to a Trojan Horse scenario.

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