Apollo 19 incident

Apollo 19 incident

Moonwalker1966delta is the YouTube User account who posted alleged Apollo 19 footage on 09 November 2008, to YouTube. His alias is John Moonwalker. He corresponded with UFO researcher, Luca Scantamburlo c. the same month, concerning the alleged secret Apollo 19 mission.


UFO researcher, Luca Scantamburlo, corresponded with Moonwalker1966delta in November 2008, via their YouTube user accounts. Scantamburlo was tipped about two alleged triangular ULOs on the far side of the Moon, near the cigar-shaped UTO at lunar coordinates 17.3° S, 117.62° E.

Apollo 19Edit

The following statements concern the alleged secret Apollo 19 mission:

“Apollo 19 just hit by something and loosing telemetry data. Fire and smoke on AC-BC cell bus and aborting mission after TLI insertion.”
—comment by Moonwalker1966delta on Apollo 19 footage YouTube upload.

The following statements were made by Moonwalker1966delta to Luca Scantamburlo:

"[There was] a light loss of gyroscopic inertial vector, a sudden breakdown of electrical power bus unit, and a completely loss of telemetry." The crew had "smoke and light fire on the frontal panel" but they have been able to extinguish it very soon. Once they had electrical power again, they stopped the gyroscopic movement. Then, they got help from Houston where a couple of astronauts entered the simulator.

"[Our] Mission control for USA was in Vandenberg AFB but we have been forced to use Houston mission control for contingency situation due to incident occurred because the simulator [...] (names omitted) used was located at KSC and telemetry link data of the simulator was directly connected to Houston mission control as in usual Apollo Missions. That's why from that moment we used radio and data link with Houston mission control only."

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