Mr. W is an alleged informant of Luca Scantamburlo concerning the alleged secret Apollo 19 mission.

Apollo 19Edit

The following transcript was composed by Mr. W to Luca Scantamburlo in late 2008, early 2009. The label "Mission Control or Astronaut" used in Mr. W's transcript to Scantamburlo was excluded below; in good faith of honest intent by Mr. W; so as to alleviate undue scrutiny for hoax language based on erred assumptions of syntax.

Voice1: "Flight Go to CMF 2 SPS check SL 2 show high temp. Reading [...] shows negative SPS power check indicators."


"Okay [...] confirm that cell shut down commence emergency power down procedure."


"Here's the check CSM 2 SPS data in the inverter. We might have an explosive fuel cell problem. Stand by to shut down all fuel cells!"

[sound of explosion]

"Telemetry shows unusal battery one and two drain and low fuel [...] Stand by!"

Voice2: "Abort!"
Voice3: "This is Apollo Center Launch Control, we have an emergency situation. Mission's aborted."
Voice1: "Mission aborted. Stand by for data".

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