retiredafb is the YouTube User account who uploaded a series of alleged Apollo 20 footage, from May 4, 2007, to YouTube. His alias is William Rutledge. He corresponded with UFO researcher, Luca Scantamburlo in May 2007, concerning the alleged secret Apollo 20 mission. He gave the following descriptive accounts concerning William Rutledge and Stephanie Ellis.

William RutledgeEdit

William Rutledge (1930—unknown) was born in Grembergen, Belgium. Rutledge began his test pilot career with Lancashire-based Avro. After becoming an American citizen in the mid ‘50s, he signed up with Chance Vought, likely out of Dallas, Texas, to work in fluid mechanics. By the ‘60s, he took his expertise to Bell Labs, and within the decade he had an opportunity to volunteer for MOL-Gemini; but was not chosen. However, USAF employed him at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, to research Russian technology in the ‘70s, such as the N1 rocket, the Ayaks aircraft (AJAX) and the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25 (Foxbat 25). By 1976, he was made part of the secret Apollo 20 crew as follows: “William Rutledge CDR, former of bell laboratories, Leona Snyder CSP bell laboratories, and Alexei Leonov, soviet cosmonaut former "Apollo Soyouz" (mission one year earlier).” His final days at Vandenberg would see the KH-11 missions in the early 80’s, before retiring.

Stephanie Ellis Edit

“Pray for her, her remains are still in orbit around Earth”
retiredafb, 2007

Stephanie Ellis (1946—1975) was a love interest of William Rutledge. She was an African American woman from Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Africa, and likely also spoke French. She worked for Grumman Aircraft on implementation of navigation systems on the Apollo Lunar Module—15. She was involved in debugging the Luminary program, as the LM-15 had docking and rondevous problems. She was backup crew for the secret Apollo 19 mission. It’s presently speculative, but she may have been part of a Vandenberg Space Test Group during the mid ‘70s, when a supposed accident occurred in low Earth orbit. According to retiredafb, she lost her life while serving in Earth’s orbit.