Solar Warden v1

Solar Warden. Colors: Light blue ring, deep blue background, white stars.

Solar Warden is a space force that has presence in low Earth orbit (LEO). The United States entered into a contract with Solar Warden in February 1954. The engagement prompted thirty years of preparation, that finally organized into a United States Space Force by 1984.[1] Solar Warden is a private entity, that is not the property of the United States. Other Nations having space technology are also under contract with Solar Warden, such as, but not limited to: Japan, China, Russia, India, the European Space Agency (ESA), and the United Nations (UN). Each Nation entered into their contract at various times, depending on their overall technological advancement, which is specifically contingent on Uranium enrichment capability. The collaboration and undersigned Nations is why unidentified flying object (UFO) phenomena has been under wraps on a worldwide scale, and not just in the United States.


Gary McKinnon

Gary McKinnon, 12 July 2006


United States Air Force Space Command (Click pic for meaning of emblem)

Solar Warden was disclosed to the World, after the Gary McKinnon 2002 hackings.[2] In the United States, all US Space Command centers were immediately absorbed in 2002, such as the USSPACECOM being absorbed into the United States Strategic Command.[3] It is possible, that other Nations who are contracted with "Solar Warden", have also consolidated and reorganized their space force defense complex in 2002. However, Solar Warden is more or less a codename that was used by the United States prior to 2002. As such, other contracted Nations would be using a different codename.

The hype of having the name “Solar Warden” now in our vocabulary, has David Wilcock, Corey Goode, and William Tompkins owning Solar Warden as if it were their very own,[4] when none of them even knew what “Solar Warden” was before Gary McKinnon.[2] W. M. Tompkins' recent Star Destroyer look-alike designs,[5] allegedly made for the Solar Warden,[4] are humorous at best. However, Tompkins' rendition of the space fleet at the Sea of Tranquility, allegedly witnessed on live-feed from Apollo 11,[6] may actually be ships under Solar Warden, with a careful study in comparison to Zenú out-of-place artifacts[7].

Solar Warden was active as early as 1954.

Extraterrestrial hypothesisEdit

Solar Warden v1

Solar Warden insignia

In a study of xenology,[8] the Solar Warden insignia details seven stars on a deep blue background. The seven stars represent seven major colonies, each representing a major faction or dominion, who have an outpost on the blue marble planet—Earth (represented by the deep blue background). The stars appear to be grouped into two separations: a group of three, and a group of four. It is presently unclear if the separation, or divide, is a physical one or an ideological one, or both. The ring on the outset, surrounding all that is within, is the Solar Warden—that which dominates all.

Each star has seven points. Therefore, the star that represents mankind, may depict seven lead human Earth Nations (or trade organizations), all entered into contract with the Solar Warden. Likewise, each of the other six major star factions have contracts as well. All star factions are active. Each are embedded in human society, and have always been since the beginning of time immemorial. Some factions may be underground, some in low Earth orbit, some might even be on terrestrial objects near Earth (ie. Moon, or Mars). Their origins, recorded throughout different human cultures, often points to the Taurus constellation, namely Pleiades (7-star colony), Hyades, and Aldebaran, but not exclusively.


Disclaimer: This symbol also serves as a warning. If one ever comes across this symbol, you are warned not to proceed. You must vacate the premise immediately. Albeit, upon seeing the symbol, it may be too late.

Star affiliations
The following reconstruction is still under study, and subject to changes (The naming conventions are flawed and not original, following as close to xenological[8][9] and scholarly[10] source materials as possible.):

ANUNNA group

  • ANUNNA-KI, 𒀭𒉣𒈾𒆠(Star rulers)-moon of Jupiter
  • IGIGI, 𒅆𒄀 (Watchers)-moon of Jupiter
  • ADAM, אָדָם‬ (Mankind)-Earth/moon

TIAMAT group

  • Ningizzida -moon of Saturn
  • Nāga -moon of Saturn
  • House of Wadjet -Mars
  • quetzal-coatl -Venus

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