Apollo 20 the unknown mission - Lunar landing over the Alien spaceship

Apollo 20 the unknown mission - Lunar landing over the Alien spaceship

The UTO flyby is the study of an LM flyby video clip, seen on the Apollo 20 footage, of an Unidentified terrain object (UTO) at Izsak crater (Lunar coordinates: 17.3° S, 117.62° E). The object is a cigar-shaped object that casts a shadow on the surface. According to William Rutledge, the UTO is a crashed extraterrestrial spacecraft (a crashed UFO incident on the Moon). Meteorite impacts, and dust-hill coverings suggest that the UTO is over one and half million years old. The visible zone of the surface of Izsak crater, as seen in the A20 footage, closely matches NASA’s Apollo 15 photographs of the same visible zone.

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The UTO flyby is a video clip from 16mm film that was captured from an Apollo Lunar Model (LM). The film was formatted to digital format and was included into the Apollo 20 footage (A20). Much of the criticism for the A20 footage being an Apollo 20 hoax is because of “video/audio pollution” that was detected in 2007, supposedly contaminating the evidence. However, there are clues in Luca Scantamburlo‘s Apollo 20 disclosure report that point to this video clip as being lost film footage, not from A20, but from NASA’s Apollo 15. Should this be the case, it would support the notion that NASA knew about the UTO as early as Apollo 15.

Michael E. Salla raised concerns about how authentic the Apollo 20 Mission really was, because of the fact that Apollo 15 dialogue was detected in the A20 footage.[1] What was considered as “video/audio pollution” is likely reconstructed film as early as Apollo 11, to shape what the Apollo 20 mission objective was really all about. The UTO at Izsak crater may have first been discovered by NASA’s Apollo 15, and the UTO flyby may have actually been a combination of archived and lost Apollo 15 footage that was inserted into A20 footage, in order to complete the story of an EBE coverup. That particular and speculative Apollo 15 footage was probably the only film splice available to help finish the final digital product for Apollo 20 disclosure.

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