Unidentified terrain object (UTO) refers to an unknown object observed on a terrain surface, such as from aerial photos of Earth, and frames taken of the Moon and Mars. The term can also be applied to alleged objects that have not yet been confirmed or verified.

Lunar UTOsEdit

Since 1990, there are at least a dozen man-made objects that were sent to the Moon, to stay there, by Nations around the world, such as Japan, China, Russia, USA, ESA, and India. In addition, there are a dozen more artificial objects left behind from the Apollo missions. Man-made artificial objects on the Moon should be taken into consideration when observing newley taken photos of the Moon. The Solar Warden space program, that wasn’t revealed to the public until after 2002, may additionally pollute findings when looking for extraterrestrial origins.

Lunar UTOs of interest
  • Cigar-shaped UTO witnessed on an LM flyby at Izsak crater (Lunar coordinates: 17.3° S, 117.62° E)
  • retiredafb claims that an EBE, named Mona Lisa was recovered from a crashed triangular spacecraft (one of the two triangular UTOs near the crater).
  • A "moon city" or "Station—1" is also claimed to be in the general area.

Martian UTOsEdit