Yevpatoriya [1] is a city of regional significance in Crimea, Ukraine. Yevpatoriya serves as the administrative center of Yevpatoriya municipality, one of the districts (raions) into which Crimea is divided.



The revelations by "moonwalker1966delta" confirm Rutledge's testimony. In one of his first messages sent to me, William Rutledge (aka "retiredafb") told me that for the Soviets the Apollo 20 mission control was in Yevpatoriya. "moonwalker1966delta" has confirmed this detail (above, see his answer to question nr. 1). Part of a Rutledge's message, never revealed before by me:

<<[...] Russians had another mission control in Yevpatoria, Lyosha could take his orders from there , anyway there was no interference between russians and US military. I saw your note about medals... We were fired out any space program. The american space program fell abruptly after Jimmy carter's election. Gerald Ford was a big fan of space program, cooperation between CCCP and USA was very active, he had clear views about the space shuttle program. In august 1976, he was busy about elections and didn't participated or watched any part of the adventure.>>
—"retiredafb" on YouTube - in a message to Luca Scantamburlo (YouTube Account/General Messages, June 24, 2007), the same message mentioned in my question nr. 2 of the interview to "moonwalker1966delta".

In May 2007 - at the beginning of our contacts - William Rutledge wrote to me about two other towns:

<<[...] i'm forced to use a anonymizer program. I'm still very carefull , and i wish, if it is ok for you, to reply on this youtube adress.
You can ask me everythig , i'll just have to give the names of employees of the lower class, other names will not be a problem.>>
<<[...] the chief of the russian programm was in the Ural, in the towns of Nijni Tagil and Sverdlovsk (today Yekaterinburg).>>
—"retiredafb" on YouTube - in a message to Luca Scantamburlo (YouTube Account/General Messages, May 18, 2007).

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September 15, 2008


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